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Harpies of a Feather
Three of Hearts: Asa + Gregory + Zephyrine (MMF)
Pair of Fools: Mace + Sophia (MF)
Monstrous Matches
Stalked by the Kraken: Rose + Gideon (MF)
Deceived by the Gargoyles: Grace + Elliot + Broderick + Alasdair (MMMF)


Three of Hearts

Series: Harpies of a Feather (Book #1)


Tropes: MMF, Fated Mates, MM In a Previous Relationship, Mating Bites, Dominance Themes

Content Warnings: Accidental Pregnancy 

Book Description:

A wolf shifter, a demon, and a harpy all walk into a hotel. It’s not the start of a joke, it’s a clusterf*ck.

One favor throws Zephyrine into a situation that has her questioning the main rule that harpies cling to; men aren’t for keeping. But accidents happen.

How’s a harpy supposed to say no to a hot night with not one, but two men?

Greg is sure he’s found his soulmate, but his wolf doesn’t seem to agree. That is until a harpy walks in and turns his world upside down.

What’s a wolf-shifter to do when his wolf wants not one person, but two?

But Asa isn’t going to let Gregory go without trying everything. And if that means adding a feisty harpy to their bed, he’ll be damned if that stops him.

How’s a demon to get his ex-lover and harpy guest to stay?


Pair of Fools

Series: Harpies of a Feather (Book #2)


Tropes: MF, Forced Proximity, 

Content Warnings: Mentions suicide, depictions of the trafficking of sentient beings, violence, and gore.

Book Description:

A trapped harpy, a demon collecting secrets, and an adventure that weaves them tighter than the bond they share.

The Harpy
Trouble follows me like a shadow, but I’ve flown too close to the sun this time.

A few thoughtless words while drowning in guilt, and I’m trapped in a deal I didn’t ask for with my rival. I’m weakened every second we spend apart.

I’ve been tricked.
He’s ruined my life, but now he needs my help. It’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.
This demon is soul deep and I’m ready to carve him out.
But his isn’t the worst debt hanging over my head.

The Demon
My past haunts me, but a certain fiery harpy chases away the shadows.

I’ve wronged a woman I deeply admire, but I can’t save the people being sold to the highest bidder without her.
I am a parasite.
To survive, I must bond to someone strong, and this bond is like no other I’ve experienced.
I want to make this right. I want to devour her secrets.

Keeping Sophia Shirazi was never an option, but now that I’ve had a taste, how can I ever let her go?


Amara's Book (Unfinished)


Series: Harpies of a Feather (Book #3)



Content Warnings: 

Book Description:

What kind of trouble can a harpy seducing a fae get into?


Stalked by the Kraken

Series: Monstrous Matches (Book #1)


Tropes: MF, Tentacles, Breeding w/o Pregnancy, Cozy Stalking, 

Content Warnings: Mentions male infertility and includes depictions of the trafficking of sentient beings.

Book Description:

A matchmaking witch, an ancient sea creature, and the sex contract they make.
Welcome to the Love Bathhouse where desire and acceptance are in the water.

The Witch
Celibacy is a bad look for a matchmaker.

Especially a matchmaker who works at the kind of paranormal bathhouse that would have grandmothers clutching their pearls.
A worse look is a matchmaker experiencing a crisis of confidence.
I am that matchmaker.

We need raw magic, desperately.

And now a mysterious man walks into my office, offering me the exact solution I need.
The problem is that he wants to be matched… with me.
Matching doesn’t work for me; I found that out the hard way.


The Kraken
I saw her and the creature inside me wanted.

She doesn’t want a relationship. She says that the most we can have are the three nights she promised me, but the dark part of myself isn’t going to let the woman who snared its attention go.

I found her. I hunted her. She’s mine.


Deceived by the Gargoyles

Series: Monstrous Matches


Tropes: Fated Mates, MMMF, Breeding w/o Pregnancy, Knotting, Curvy Leading Lady

Content Warnings: Body shaming & stalking by the villain, family estrangment, lying, and deception within an open relationship

Book Description:

A curvy librarian looking to start a family, a clan of gargoyles, and the deception that starts it all.

My family has always found me lacking. From the way I dress, how I look, to the type of magic I have. My family name is full of pomp and prestige, and I want nothing to do with it.
I’m a witch that knows how to set a goal and I have one in mind.

I want a real family.

Dating is a travesty. All the suitors I meet are looking for a connection to the family name I left behind. I need help.
Enter the matchmaker. It seems too good to be true that I can give her the list of traits I want in a partner and have my deepest desire answered, but I’m out of options.

Love comes along in the most unexpected ways.

From the very first moment I meet Elliot Bramblewick, I have hope. But he’s tricky.
I’m not expecting him to be hiding two other mates. Mates who are as alarmed and intrigued by my presence as I am by theirs.
He thinks I’m a perfect fit for them, but can I open my heart and discard my list long enough to see if this is the family I’m looking for?

None of my lists and plans prepared me for being courted by three gargoyles.

Harpies of a Feather
Monstrous Matches
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