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These books feature morally ambiguous characters


Tangled Wires

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden Feelings, Robot Love

Content Warnings: Mental illness and suicide

Book Description:

Can a machine love?

I disappeared two months ago.

The business world and media lost their minds. I’m back now and have two goals: staying healthy and fulfilling a deathbed promise. 

The one standing in my way? 

He stepped in to run my father’s company after his death. He knows my secrets and I know his. I’m ready for the war between us but I’m not ready for him to want to be friends… Or something more. 

Can I trust him? Can I trust myself?

He isn’t a logical choice. He isn’t even a person and I’m the only one who knows.


Her Vigilante

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Taboo Romance, FBI + Serial Killer

Content Warnings: Violence, death, unprotected sex, and unplanned pregnancy.

Book Description:

I’m tired.

Crime scene to crime scene I go, interview upon interview I question, and it all yields nothing but more questions, more media attention, and the sound of a voice on the phone. A voice that haunts me late into the night with a yearning to taste the forbidden.

Some say dreams hold hidden truths. I hope not.

The man the media calls the ‘Vigilante’ is supposed to be my prey, but instead we dance. 

Every possible step closer, he evades. Only his faceless taunts close the distance between us. I can barely catch my breath.

Then the copycat killings begin, and I struggle to hold my grip on the truth.

In the face of temptation will I rise, or will I fall?

Am I the saint? Or his angel?

Something Darker
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