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Releasing in the Summer of 2022

A lake monster in heat, a lost human in the woods, and the lie that gets her stuffed…

Getting lost in the woods was not the adventure Amy had in mind when she jumped at the chance to search for the local lake monster. She just wanted to liven up her steady but boring life, not wonder if every shadow on the ground is a snake and worry that no one will ever find her.

Luckily, someone does find her. 

Unexpectedly, that person isn't human.

Wildly, he seems to think that she's his date.

Adrian faces what could be his last heat. As his temperature rises and his biological clock ticks, his only hope is that the witch being sent by a famous matchmaker will be as compatible as he dreams.

Can he convince his date to not only provide relief during his heat but also carry his eggs?

Content notes: 
Lying, breeding, accidental oviposition (eggs), knotting, male heat, being lost in creepy woods, fertility discussions, painless cervical penetration, and child in the epilogue.
(There’s also a lot of cum and I didn’t know if that should be a content warning)

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